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Graph Information

Note: This service is in WARNING state because one of the values reported is outside the allowed range. Please see further down for information about the ranges and the graph for the values.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
/ _dev_xvda2 gauge 11334326  12073521   
/dev udev__dev gauge 9420  10035   
/run tmpfs__run gauge 1514375  1613138   
/dev/shm tmpfs__dev_shm gauge 3785936  4032845   
/run/lock tmpfs__run_lock gauge 4710  5017   
/sys/fs/cgroup tmpfs__sys_fs_cgroup gauge 3785936  4032845   
/tmp _dev_xvda7 gauge 28366025  30215983   
/home _dev_xvda3 gauge
/run/user/1000 tmpfs__run_user_1000 gauge 757189  806571